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For easy, painless removal of skin overgrowths, Tag Away is the natural choice. Tiny skin tags are usually harmless, but they often cause a lot of anxiety because of their unsightly nature. In the past, many people relied on expensive, painful home remedies or a trip to the family physician. Now, a new product called Tag Away, a homeopathic remedy, claims to get rid of skin tags in a safe and effective manner.

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tag awayPros

  • Effective
  • Natural Homeopathic Remedy
  • No Harsh Side Effects
  • No Pain


  • Effective after three weeks
  • Only treats skin tags


Tag Away is an effective homeopathic remedy for skin tags and is safe because it is made from a blend of natural plant extracts. Since the tag remover is made with the pure essential oil of Thuja occidentalis, it removes skin blemishes without any pain, scarring or chemicals. Thuja occidentalis has long been recognized for its powerful tag removal properties and was commonly used in Ojibwa medicine. Unlike other common treatment options, Tag Away does not include any harmful chemicals and will not leave scars. The substance is safe for all skin types and does not cause any blemishes.

Thuja occidentalis is the most active ingredient in the tag remover, and the tree is native to the northeastern part of Canada and the United States. The Thuja tree was a valuable resource to the Ojibwa people since ancient times. During the 19th century, the essential oil from Thuja occidentalis was widely sold for its powerful skin tag removal properties. The oil was readily available during the 1800s and was marketed for warts, ringworm and thrush. In fact, the tree has earned a place in history because it helped Jacques Cartier, and his crew of explorers, recover from a bout of scurvy. Now, the same powerful oils that have been used for centuries are available in a home product that is safe for skin and effectively removes tags.

Removing skin tags usually requires expensive surgeries, dangerous chemicals or painful home remedies. Because skin tags are generally harmless, it is safe and easy to remove them from home. Making an expensive visit to your family physician is not required unless there is a chance that the tag is actually a tumor. If the tag is benign, Tag Away is a safe, effective and affordable removal option. The other choices include using nail polish, iodine or other harmful chemicals. Some people even recommend tying a string around tags to cut off the circulation. Using the powerful properties of Tag Away is fast, effective and much safer than the alternatives.

How Does It Work?

Tag Away comes in a liquid formulation and removes unsightly skin tags. Tags are just extra growths of skin that are similar to warts. Skin tags are generally harmless, but they are a skin blemish that leads to self-consciousness in many people. The new tag removal formula is developed with essential oils and is easily applied to a skin tag with a cotton swab. The active, all-natural ingredients that are found in the tag remover penetrate the skin’s surface and gradually dry the tag out. It takes around three to six weeks for the best results, but the tags simply wither up and fall away.

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Before the substance is applied to the skin, it is essential to thoroughly cleanse the tag and surrounding area with a solution of warm soapy water. There have been some reviewers who complain that it takes a long time for Tag Away to work, but washing the tag prior to application usually solves this problem. Because a clean surface is essential for maximize contact, the tag should be washed with soap and hot water.

The liquid should ideally be applied three times a day for the best results. Using a cotton swab is the easiest and most effective method of applying the tag remover. After the skin has been thoroughly washed, a cotton swab is simply dipped into the bottle of remover, and the liquid is rubbed onto the skin tag. It usually takes three to six weeks for the tag to wither away and fall off, and repeated applications are essential for the best results. After the tag starts to dry, treatments are over, and new skin covers where the unsightly tag used to be.


Tag Away is one of the safest and most effective skin tag treatments. It is easy to apply and removes tags without any harmful chemicals. Because the active ingredient is the essential oils of Thuja occidentalis, there are no dangerous chemicals that cause scarring and skin blemishes. The product is one of the easiest to apply and requires no specialized treatments.

There have been a few complaints about the length of time that it takes for skin tag removal, but these are usually made by reviewers who do not take the time to thoroughly prepare their skin. In addition, it is essential to apply the liquid as recommended for the fastest treatment.

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Instead of painful surgery, unhealthy chemicals or ineffective home remedies, Tag Away is an ideal choice. Most reviewers comment on the speed and power of the product and are pleased with their new look. Skin tags simply dry up and fall away, and skin looks smooth and healthy. The formulation is an easy-to-apply liquid that does not require painful surgeries or ineffective home remedies.

Who Is It For?

Tag Away is an ideal treatment for anyone who feels self-conscious about unsightly skin tags. Skin tags are a common occurrence, and they are not harmful. Tags are generally ugly, and removing them is a great way to have smooth skin. Using a home product that is made from the essential oils of the Thuja occidentalis tree is the safe, affordable and effective way to get rid of ugly tags at home.

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